Customer-Turned-Chief Pilot Knows What Makes Mayo Aviation Special


The best way to judge the value a company provides clients is by witnessing it firsthand.

In Tom Warren’s case, the Mayo Aviation customer experience was outstanding – with personal attention and dedicated service over a 10-year period.

Now, Warren gets to share that experience with others, but from the Mayo Aviation side, rather than as a customer. As Mayo Aviation’s new Chief Pilot, Warren continues his unique relationship with the company that spans decades.

For nearly as long as Mayo Aviation has been serving clients, Warren has been connected to the team, dating back to its roots with the Mayo family founders at the original Stapleton Airport headquarters.

“I’m probably one of the few people that’s been a good-sized aircraft owner, a long-term customer for 10 years, and now a pilot and Chief Pilot for the same company,” said Warren, who learned to fly as a young person right at Centennial Airport in Denver and entered aviation sales soon after he graduated from Colorado State University.

“It’s a company I’ve known well as a customer,” he said. “I’ve seen the intense focus on safety, and I knew it was a high-quality, first-class charter operation. It just seemed natural to come to work here as a pilot.”

It Always Comes Back to Flying

Tom as a young child sitting right seat in New Zealand.

The man who spent his youth with his hands on aircraft controls assumed he would become an airline pilot as a career. But a business degree came first and sent him to aviation’s financial side.

His background in finance allowed him to see how aircraft owners were able to maximize their aircraft use and how dedicated management offered value-based solutions with the flexibility of access to a charter fleet.  He also saw that Mayo Aviation hired people who prioritized smart decisions and customer service – including pilots.

Those pilots, who lived and worked in the Rocky Mountain flying environment, gained experience and airmanship by handling the region’s unique high-altitude approaches, such as Aspen/Pitkin County Airport and Telluride, known as the “aircraft carrier in the sky.”

“This group doesn’t just fly into a place once a year,” Warren said of the pilots. “They are here day in and day out. That experience brings a whole different level of safety for our customers.”

Warren began to fly professionally for Mayo Aviation because it seemed like a natural extension of his time as a customer. “It was the logical next step,” he said of the company he respected and had also spent so much time with.

Service is the Standard

Now he’s connecting with aircraft owners and charter passengers in the air. He’s the one who delivers the precision, reliability and professionalism that separates Mayo Aviation from other providers.

“There’s a perspective of knowing what we need to deliver for a superior customer experience with charter, management and maintenance,” he said. “That’s a standard that’s been set for more than 40 years, and it’s why I’m here.”

Having long-term relationships in a private aviation company and the extended consistency of service isn’t something Warren takes for granted. It’s a legacy he feels entrusted with.

See how Mayo Aviation pilots make the difference on your next charter flight.

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