Maintenance Services for Managed Clients

Mayo Aviation provides aircraft maintenance services to meet the needs of aircraft owners, helping assess your maintenance needs and airworthiness requirements. Our tailored approach to your maintenance needs reduces costs. We will find cost-effective ways to maintain your aircraft in optimal condition. Lower your overall maintenance costs, increase aircraft resell value, and give you greater airworthiness and compliance confidence.

Maintenance Planning

Our team will track and manage scheduled maintenance, devising a plan to optimally service your aircraft either in-house or with another repair station to minimize downtime. We work with you to keep the aircraft compliant and inform you of upcoming service necessities.

24/7 AOG Support

If you encounter an unscheduled maintenance event while away from home base, we will coordinate contract maintenance support to get the aircraft returned to service as quickly as possible while vetting mechanic competence and costs.

Records Upkeep

We organize and maintain your log books and other records so that they are available for presentation for sale prospects, finance audits, or FAA inspections. Protect your aircraft value with this thorough preparation.

Planned Maintenance Event Oversight

Once events are identified in your maintenance program, we solicit competitive bids from a network of MROs and our Mayo repair station. After selecting the MRO and scheduling the downtime we provide remote or, if requested, on-sight supervision to manage costs and discrepancy approvals while mitigating complications to keep your operation on schedule.

Servicing/Postflight Inspections

We utilize local maintenance resources as required to perform in service light maintenance, clear minimum equipment lists and postflight service requirements using the manufacturer’s recommended list, or one tailored to your operation.

Other Services Offered

  • FAA-approved manuals
  • Aircraft budgeting
  • Acquisition or resale technical guidance
  • Vendor audits
  • LOA assistance
  • Large refurbishment project guidance
  • Digital records documenting
  • Aircraft subscription service management

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