Aircraft Management Solutions

From our over 45 years of experience, we have built an aircraft management solution that makes aircraft ownership simple. We help you handle the complexities of ownership and save you time and money. Dedicated teams create customized solutions, giving you exceptional value and peace of mind.

Trusted Partnership

Our teams support all aspects of your aircraft 24/7. From trip planning to year-end reporting, we take care of it, so you and your team don’t have to. We build relationships every day, proactively delivering a level of service that becomes a long-term partnership. Our average aircraft owner has been with us for more than 15 years. Enjoy the privacy, flexibility and time savings of ownership without the day-to-day hassles of management.

  • Owner discount savings on fuel and operating expenses
  • FAA Diamond-award winning repair station for maintenance and inspections
  • Finance, administration, safety and support teams

Full Management

Mayo Aviation makes your aircraft ownership experience easier, handling the complexities and supporting you with industry-leading technology, systems, processes, and procedures. With full management, Mayo Aviation serves as your personalized flight department, coordinating all details for smooth, safe, cost-efficient, flight operations.


Global Trip Logistics

With in-house expertise, we are able to control logistics with greater efficiency. As part of the George J. Priester Aviation family of companies, we partner with a top global logistics provider to assist in international planning, providing our clients a higher standard of support when traveling around the world.



We provide experienced flight crews for the safe operation of your aircraft, ensuring type-rating and familiarity with your plane’s location base. Customer service, safety mindedness and experience are our focus in selecting candidates. Trained and vetted, our pilots continue their flight education from training leaders, enhancing their flight acumen.



Our accounting team oversees every expense, managing your aircraft to the highest standard, monitoring, tracking, forecasting and managing each financial aspect. Each month, we present a detailed report of your aircraft’s complete financial performance.

Maintenance Control

Aircraft maintenance oversight is integral to the quality and consistent operation of your aircraft. Practical application of experience and knowledge by a qualified, dedicated team is essential. Our team ensures the proper safety checks have been performed prior to every trip.

Charter Management

For aircraft owners who wish to generate revenue during times when it would be otherwise idle, Mayo Aviation offers jet charter management services to reduce your cost of ownership. We will handle required FAA 135 certification and oversight, along with 24/7 monitoring of every aspect of your aircraft, accounting, trip coordination, crewing, flight operations, risk management, regulatory oversight, and aircraft maintenance.

  • Greater charter exposure
  • Monetized downtime
  • Reduced ownership costs

Flight Department Solutions

Choose flight department solutions that enable you to successfully manage your valuable assets. Purchase individual solutions or work with us to customize the program that’s right for you. We have capabilities to support you at every level, including flight and crew support, flight coordination and scheduling, fuel coordination and maintenance control.

Aircraft Management FAQs

  • Does safety always come first?

    Simple answer, Yes. Mayo Aviation’s highest priority is always the safety of our clients and our employees. With over 45 years flying, our dedication to safety is paramount. Mayo Aviation employs a full time Director of Safety who was awarded the NBAA Safety Award in 2021.

  • What services do I receive in exchange for my monthly management fee?

    6 teams provide diligent daily oversight to ensure that your aircraft is compliant, maintained, and ready to go.


    • 24/7 Flight Crew Operational Support
    • 24/7 Flight Scheduling & Handling
    • FAA Regulation & Compliance
    • Flight Crew Training Coordination
    • Fuel Coordination
    • International Handling
    • Hangar & Facilities Oversight


    • Maintenance Oversight & Coordination
    • Maintenance Vendor Management
    • Maintenance Tracking & Forecasting
    • Airframe Logbook Management
    • Flight Crew Training Coordination


    • NBAA award-winning Director of Safety providing oversight and support to you & your crew
    • Risk Assessment Tools
    • Safety Management System
    • Aviation Safety Action Program


    • Accounting Services
    • Engine & Airframe Program Reporting
    • Annual Budgeting & Reconciliation
    • Expense Processing & Reporting
    • Aircraft Web Portal


    • Human Resources
    • Crew Recruiting & Hiring
    • Employee Management

    Sales & Marketing

    • Charter Sales & Marketing leading retail sales efforts to offset your operational expenses
  • What does the cost reporting look like? Is it transparent?

    Understanding that there is a significant amount of trust that our clients instill upon us to not only provide the safest operations, but to also provide a fiscally responsible operation as well. Mayo Aviation employees significant cost controls and continuously strives to lower operational expenses, negotiating with our vendors to further discounts.

    All Mayo Aviation has partnered with Portside to provide our aircraft owners with Mayo Insight. Mayo Insight is a robust platform that allows owners easy and transparent access to financial and operational reports 24/7 and through your mobile device.

  • Will Mayo Aviation manage aircraft that are Part 91 only?

    Yes. Mayo Aviation offers a Full Part 91 Management solution as well as a more customized solution for the Part 91 operators that only need certain offerings.

  • Are there operation discounts available for owners?

    Yes. As part of the George J. Priester Aviation family of companies, Mayo Aviation’s fleet size and relationships allow us to negotiate with our vendors (including fuel, insurance, training, etc.) and pass those savings on to you.

  • Can Mayo Aviation charter my aircraft?

    Adding your aircraft to Mayo Aviation’s charter certificate will give you the ability to charter your aircraft to off-set your cost of ownership as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits. When not in use for owner activity, your aircraft can be offered to charter customers with your expressed permission. Adding your aircraft to our charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the cost of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits.

  • Can I have my aircraft base of operation somewhere other than Mayo Aviation’s headquarters?

    Mayo Aviation is committed to ensuring your aircraft is responsibly managed and supported no matter the location. We provide support through designated on-site personnel and managers from our Denver headquarters.

  • Can I choose my flight crew?

    The pilots and maintenance personnel hired by Mayo Aviation are selected to ensure a balanced fit. Applicants are thoroughly screened by our six support teams, and then only the best candidates are presented to you for approval. Once approved, they are designated to your aircraft and the onboarding process begins. Mayo Aviation requires all pilots hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and First-Class Medical Certificates. All maintenance personnel must hold a FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate and possess relevant experience.

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