Frequently Asked Questions

Aircraft Management FAQS

Simple answer, Yes. Mayo Aviation’s highest priority is always the safety of our clients and our employees. With over 40 years and 217,000 flight hours, our dedication to safety is paramount. Mayo Aviation employs a full time Director of Safety who was awarded the NBAA Safety Award in 2021.

6 teams provide diligent daily oversight to ensure that your aircraft is compliant, maintained, and ready to go.

  • Operations
    • 24/7 Flight Crew Operational Support
    • 24/7 Flight Scheduling & Handling
    • FAA Regulation & Compliance
    • Flight Crew Training Coordination
    • Fuel Coordination
    • International Handling
    • Hangar & Facilities Oversight
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance Oversight & Coordination
    • Maintenance Vendor Management
    • Maintenance Tracking & Forecasting
    • Airframe Logbook Management
    • Flight Crew Training Coordination
  • Safety
    • NBAA award-winning Director of Safety providing oversight and support to you & your crew
    • Risk Assessment Tools
    • Safety Management System
    • Aviation Safety Action Program
  • Finance
    • Accounting Services
    • Engine & Airframe Program Reporting
    • Annual Budgeting & Reconciliation
    • Expense Processing & Reporting
    • Aircraft Web Portal
  • Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Crew Recruiting & Hiring
    • Employee Management
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Charter Sales & Marketing leading retail sales efforts to offset your operational expenses

Understanding that there is a significant amount of trust that our clients instill upon us to not only provide the safest operations, but to also provide a fiscally responsible operation as well. Mayo Aviation employees significant cost controls and continuously strives to lower operational expenses, negotiating with our vendors to further discounts.

All Mayo Aviation has partnered with Portside to provide our aircraft owners with Mayo Insight. Mayo Insight is a robust platform that allows owners easy and transparent access to financial and operational reports 24/7 and through your mobile device.

Yes. Mayo Aviation offers a Full Part 91 Management solution as well as a more customized solution for the Part 91 operators that only need certain offerings.

Yes. Mayo Aviation’s fleet size allows us to negotiate with our vendors (including fuel, insurance, training, etc.) and pass those savings on to you.

Adding your aircraft to Mayo Aviation’s charter certificate will give you the ability to charter your aircraft to off-set your cost of ownership as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits. When not in use for owner activity, your aircraft can be offered to charter customers with your expressed permission. Adding your aircraft to our charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the cost of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits.

Mayo Aviation is committed to ensuring your aircraft is responsibly managed and supported no matter the location. Designated personnel are managed and supported by Mayo Aviation and the robust support system headquarter in our Denver, Colorado facility.

The pilots and maintenance personnel hired by Mayo Aviation are selected to ensure a balanced fit. Applicants are thoroughly screened by our six support teams, and then only the best candidates are presented to you for approval. Once approved, they are designated to your aircraft and the onboarding process begins. Mayo Aviation requires all pilots hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and First-Class Medical Certificates. All maintenance personnel must hold a FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate and possess relevant experience.

Charter FAQS

Contact Mayo Aviation by phone or email to request pricing for your upcoming trip. A member of our charter sales team will provide you with several options based on your requirements and mission type. Select the option that you like best, sign and return the charter contract. It’s simple. Payment and trip details are required closer to the date of departure.

Yes. Mayo Aviation has created a select network of operators across the globe that meet our safety requirements. When our aircraft are not available, our charter sales team provides you with solutions via our charter brokerage.

On-demand charter refers to chartering a private aircraft on a flight-by-flight basis. With an on-demand charter, your trip is quoted out each time based on market conditions during that present time. Pricing for on-demand charter can vary widely based on supply and demand.

Empty legs are repositioning flights that bring a charter aircraft back to base after dropping passengers off or to pick up the next group of passengers. These empty flights are sold at a discount and can provide savings. However, these flights require flexibility as their availability is based upon other customer plans.

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