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Gulfstream G650

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Gulfstream G650

Ultra-Long-Range Luxury

The Gulfstream G650 is the world’s fastest ultra-long-range business jet. With an around-the-world speed record, and capabilities of flying from New York to Shanghai or London to Los Angeles, the G650 is the new standard in business aviation.

Comfort & Convenience

The spacious 13-passenger cabin is wider, longer and taller than any other business jet in its class. Gulfstream has made cabin management effortless with an enhanced smart-phone interface to control all cabin systems. Passengers also have access to high-speed wireless internet, HD entertainment, iPod connectivity and integrated satellite phones, making this the most technologically advanced charter aircraft in marketplace.

Ready to Fly

Aircraft Features




2 Pilots, 1 Flight Attendant

Cabin Size

53.7'L x 8.6'W x 6.2'H


195 cu ft


7,000 miles

Cruise Speed

560 mph

Aircraft Size



  • Full galley
  • 2 Fully enclosed lavatories
  • Flight phone
  • CD/DVD
  • iPod connectivity
  • Airshow system
  • Power outlets
  • Wi-Fi (International Service)
  • Oven & Microwave
  • AirCare MED
  • External cameras

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