Aircraft Management Services

Managed Services for Every Aircraft Owner

Mayo Aviation reduces the hassles of aircraft management and is an authority in every facet of your aircraft. Our aviation professionals handle each aircraft as if it were our own, ensuring administration, crewing, flight operations and maintenance coordination exceed the standards of corporate flight departments. We provide 24/7 response to manage and protect your asset and facilitate execute your travel mission. Here’s how we can help you maximize your ownership experience.


We provide experienced flight crews for the safe operation of your aircraft, ensuring type-rating and familiarity with your plane’s location base. Customer service, safety mindedness and experience are our focus in selecting candidates. Trained and vetted, our pilots continue their flight education from training leaders, enhancing their flight acumen.

Maintenance Control

Maintenance oversight is integral to the quality and consistent operation of your aircraft. Practical application of experience and knowledge by a qualified, dedicated team is essential. Our team ensures the proper safety checks have been performed prior to every trip.

Global Trip Logistics

With in-house expertise, we are able to control logistics with greater efficiency. As part of the Priester Aviation family of companies, we partner with a top global logistics provider to assist in international planning, providing our clients a higher standard of support when traveling around world.


Our accounting team oversees every expense, managing your aircraft to the highest standard, monitoring, tracking, forecasting and managing each financial aspect. Each month, we present a detailed report of your aircraft’s complete financial performance.

Owner Savings and Discounts

Take advantage of our fleet purchasing power on operating expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and crew training. Reduce costs on insurance, parts, completions and other services through our discounted rates.

Tap Into Our Expertise

How can we help you achieve your aviation goals? Talk with our professionals to find a personalized solution.

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