How Airplane Management Makes Airplane Ownership Less High-Maintenance

Third-Party Airplane Management Services vs. In-House

Effective aircraft management and maintenance are important for keeping an airplane in a state of airworthiness, as well as safe for the crew, passengers, and those in its service area. Proper airplane management should not be neglected, ignored, or underestimated because it can potentially lead to a catastrophic result that nobody wants.

As an airplane owner, you might be confused between carrying out an in-house maintenance practice and outsourcing aircraft maintenance services from external professionals. There are many advantages of switching to plane management through a third-party service instead of managing airplane maintenance in-house. Read on to understand the benefits of third-party management.


Cost control is a driving factor for most airplane dealers. Outsourcing your aircraft management from a third party comes with cost-saving benefits. In-house staff wages and benefits, such as pension, medical, and vacation, are costly for most organizations or businesses to subsidize. This means that in-house management comes with additional costs that may increase expenditure to unsustainable levels.

When you outsource management services, external contractors have the ability to flex up and down faster when compared to in-house staff. Also, it means that hiring costs are handled by third parties and, therefore, this gives you peace of mind. Thus, it is clear that utilizing a third party for your airplane management offers you cost-saving benefits.

Focus on Your Core Business Process

The back-office operations of your company tend to expand during periods of rapid growth. This expansion can easily tie up your human and financial resources at the expense of core activities that make you a successful company. This is a major reason to outsource your airplane management services to allow your staff to focus on other core areas of your business.

Businesses usually have limited time and attention to activities that you’re not efficient at. There are third-party companies that are very specialized in airplane management activities and can handle that area of your business better. Mayo Aviation offers you attentive, personalized, and 24/7 service and resources tailored to your exact needs. You’ll be able to focus on your core business processes.

Service Quality and Fewer High-Maintenance Costs

When you outsource aircraft management services, you gain access to all factory-trained service teams, holding International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) licenses. This ensures you have access to a team with the required knowledge and skills to handle your airplanes. This will result in less high maintenance costs due to the quality and professional management of the airplanes. This also gives you access to timely, efficient, and cost-effective maintenance that guarantees you peace of mind, and assurance that your airplanes will be ready and fit when needed. At Mayo Aviation, we have all the required certification and training that guarantees you a quality service in aircraft management.

Access to New Resources

Carrying out in-house aircraft management services requires expensive recruiting and training. You’re required to teach new employees about your processes and workflows. This means that you may be required to invest in their education, so they can have the right skills and expertise to manage your airplanes. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry anymore about these costs.

Outsourced aircraft management comes with specialist knowledge, expertise, and vast experience you could hardly afford via hiring. The third-party contractor is responsible for the licenses and accreditation that airplane management requires. By focusing on a specialty, a third party will always stay abreast of industry changes and trends, learn new information and techniques, and constantly develop their skills to make their services better. Third parties have access to the skills and tools required to make airplanes better.

With Mayo Aviation, enjoy the privacy, flexibility, and time savings of aircraft ownership without the day-to-day management headache. Contact us today to learn more and get started.