Gwendolyn O. Mayo Scholarship

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Mayo Aviation & Aspen Flight Academy

Scholar Mentor Program

Mayo Aviation is investing in the next generation of aviation and helping them discover career opportunities in the industry. To help students realize their passion for aviation, Mayo announces the establishment of the Gwendolyn O. Mayo Memorial Scholarship.

The scholar mentor program is designed for the community partnership between Mayo Aviation and the Aspen Flight Academy building opportunities for Pitkin County area students pursuing business aviation career paths.

The Aviation Univeristy Scholarship will be awarded to an Aspen Flight Academy student, on a needs basis, to support their pursuit of professional aviation.

The Aspen Flight Academy Scholarship – High School – will be awarded to a high school student who is an active student at the Aspen Flight Academy to be used for active flight training.


Scholarship Elements:

  1. A $20,000.00 university scholarship dispersed in four $5,000.00 annual support payments.
  2. One student selected annually by AFA and Mayo with the criteria of;
    1. Needs basis
    2. Scholar has a focus on aviation degree studies within a university program
    3. Maintains at least a 3.0 GPA annually
    4. Participates with a Mayo designated mentor at least quarterly to help define opportunities, potential changes in degree and study focus and provide general guidance through the business aviation landscape
  3. Scholar has the opportunity to participate in the Mayo Aviation Pilot Development Program, based on program time and experience requirements
  4. Scholar may also participate in the AFA teaching environment as a CFI when pursuing a pilot career track


  1. This scholarship is available only to active students or instructors at Aspen Flight Academy.
  2. The scholarship is needs based where applicants can outline their particular financial situation in the application process.
  3. Applicants will have and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA through their senior high school year and through their university studies.
  4. Award winners will meet once every six weeks with an assigned mentor from Mayo Aviation and may meet more frequently if desired.

Application Questions – Answers will not be assessed on their length but on the depth and quality of the answers.  All answers will be held in strict confidence within the review committee defined as the Mayo Senior Leadership Team and select Aspen Flight Academy Board Members.

  1. What aviation career path are you pursuing and why?
  2. What education do you intend to pursue and why do you believe that is the best path for your goals?
  3. In 250 words or less, tell us about you.
  4. How do you believe the experience within the Aspen Flight Academy has shaped you as a student and as an individual?
  5. Describe your family and personal financial situation.
  6. Provide at least one reference letter from a High School or AFA instructor.

Applications should be submitted by March 1st and the winning student will be notified by the last week in April.

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  1. A $5000.00 scholarship deposited in a Aspen Flight Academy account to be used for active flight training
  2. One student selected by Mayo Aviation with the criteria of:
    1. Needs basis
    2. Student has a focus on aviation degree studies with defined goals
    3. Maintains active student status with AFA
    4. Participates quarterly with a Mayo designated mentor, in their goal area(s)


Submit your resume and brief essay on professional aviation aspirations

Applications should be submitted by March 1st and the winning student will be notified by the last week in April.

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