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Challenger 300

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Challenger 300

Sophisticated and Stylish

The Challenger 300 is not only sophisticated and stylish, its long range and spacious cabin equip the plane to meet the aviation needs of business and leisure travelers.

Comfort & Convenience

The 300 seats up to 8 adults, and is outfitted with a full galley, flight phone, DVD player, WiFi, iPod connectivity and touch screen panels at each seat. This aircraft provides top-notch travel accommodations for the most discerning passenger.

Ready to Fly

Aircraft Features




2 Pilots

Cabin Size

6.1' H x 7.2' W x 28.6' L


110 cu ft


3,600 miles

Cruise Speed

540 mph

Aircraft Size


WiFi Enabled

Cabin of a Challenger 300 at Priester Aviation


  • Full galley
  • 1 Fully enclosed lavatory
  • Flight phone
  • iPod connectivity
  • Airshow system
  • Power outlets
  • Wi-Fi (Domestic Service)
  • Microwave

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