The Future of Travel and Business Charter Flights

Business Charter Flights Are the Future of Travel

Corporate travel remains a critical aspect of a business. Despite technology advancements, business travel trends show that there’s no substitute for face-to-face communications. Travel can also aid business initiatives for skills development, recruitment, and networking. However, the existence of COVID-19 has thrown a wedge at some of these travel plans, prompting the importance of risk assessments and viable changes in future business charter flight use. Below is an overview of the future of travel and business charter flights.

Business Travel Impacts with COVID-19

The business travel industry faced a decline in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the present rollout of vaccines, business travel spending is anticipated to rise in the near future. While the pandemic is not yet over, experts have started to project a potential rebound for business travel. This also comes from a study by a consulting firm that three-quarters of business travelers contemplate traveling the same way or even more. This is due to relatively low travel costs when lockdowns begin to ease, a resurgence of business activities, and pent-up demand after teleconferencing for many months.

While Zoom may replicate much of the experience of a physical chat, for many business people, there’s nothing quite like seeing customers in person. This is especially true when creating relationships, hashing out the perfect details of a sensitive deal, or even understanding how a business operates from the outside. Business travel provides the chance to network, explore the world, and take advantage of remarkable personal development opportunities. According to one survey, business travel will recover as much as 70% overall before the year ends.

Preparing for More Business Travel and Safety Concerns

However, for every person itching to have that business trip, there are many others who may be bothered about their health risk. This is why all charter flights are implementing new hygiene and sanitation measures that will make being on the air feel safe. Corporations and employees are also to agree upon new, so-called “duty-of-care” strategies that will ensure the workers’ wellbeing while conducting company business.

For the aviation industry to increase charter flights, travel managers will also be looking very closely at their suppliers’ practices and policies around hygiene and distancing. Reassurance over passenger safety, flexibility, personalization, and the opportunity to manage fast-changing scenarios easily is key in the success of the charter industry to bounce back to business in these times. As corporations tentatively go back to global travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses are looking for stronger control over travel arrangements to ensure people are kept safe and well during their journey.

How Mayo Aviation Is Handling This

Due to the change in charter travel regulations, Mayo Aviation has expanded the margin of safety in all its operations during these unprecedented times. From a virus-containment perspective, flying with Mayo Aviation guarantees you safety because of the following:

  • The charter tends to carry fewer passengers, reducing your risk of contact.
  • It departs from a private fixed-base operator terminal, minimizing your contact with other travelers.
  • Masks and gloves are provided for all crew members, including baggage handlers, caterers, and security personnel.
  • Crew members follow social-distancing protocols, to make sure they maintain a healthy space between flights.
  • In between flights, the aircraft is sealed and disinfected to minimize contaminants.

This is an unprecedented situation throughout the industry. But at Mayo Aviation, we recognize that charter travel must continue. Our main goal is to make sure our clients will be able to fly when they want, where they want, in the utmost comfort and safety. Kindly contact us today to book your business charter flight and get to the destination of your choice conveniently.