Why Spring Is the Best Time to Take a Private Flight to Nantucket

Charter a private flight to Nantucket and enjoy some spring fun on this island getaway. This Massachusetts gem is a playground for all affluent travelers during the season and is home to the finest vacation diversions in New England. From steep-incline beaches diving off into green and deep blue waters to a wide variety of wildlife that ranges from gulls and seals to schools of fish waiting to get caught, Nantucket has so much to offer to leisure travelers. Below is an overview of a visit to the island during spring.

Is a Day Trip to Nantucket Worth It?

You bet it is! On a day trip to Nantucket, there is so much to see and experience whether you like going shopping, chilling at the beach, admiring architecture, sipping coffee, or just exploring the little hiking routes the island boasts. Just make sure you bring your camera. Some of the things you can do in one day include:

  • exploring downtown
  • visiting museums
  • visiting Siasconset town and the beach
  • hiking at the Sconset Bluff Walk or the Millbrook

You may not get to visit the entire island in a day, but these places are a guarantee to make your day trip worthwhile.

What Is Special About Nantucket?

Besides being a summer colony and a tourist attraction, Nantucket is special in its own way. It is made up of small islands including Muskeget and Tuckernuck, which makes it the only consolidated town-county in the city of Massachusetts.

The Best Way to Get to Nantucket

The best way to travel to Nantucket is through private flights. This is mainly because there are no bridges that lead to Nantucket, hence you will have to arrive by air or sea. If you decide to drive, it would take about four to seven hours from New York to Massachusetts, where you will then board a ferry for about two hours to arrive at the Nantucket Harbor.

A private charter like Mayo Aviation is there to save you all that time and get you to your spring fun much earlier and conveniently. Besides time, you will travel comfortably, safely and you would also enjoy multiple stops on your way.

Things to Do in Nantucket in the Springtime

When the daffodils begin to pop up all over town and a thin ice layer, which covers Nantucket Harbor drifts off, you know it’s official: Springtime is here. Discover thrilling ways to savor the spring during your visit.

Nantucket Daffodil Festival

On the last weekend of April, the festival celebrates spring’s arrival with a tailgate picnic, an antique car parade, a window decorating contest, a daffodil hat contest, and a children’s parade featuring strollers, wagons, and decorated bikes. It is a spring tradition you wouldn’t want to miss.

Lunch at Bartlett’s Farm

Warm weather gestures the start of a growing season. This brings about lots of sprouting in the oldest farm in Nantucket, the Bartlett’s Farm. Find out what new seeds have been sown while you relish hand-grown, organic produce. There are local beers, wines, and scrumptious meals too.

Nantucket Wine and Food Festival

Every May, visitors from near and far meet for the Nantucket Wine and Food Festival, the island’s premier event. It is a five-day fete that features seminars by the best chefs, wine tastings, and opportunities to sample small dishes from the county.

Biking the Island

For a small island, Nantucket is a biking paradise, and springtime is a good time to take advantage. Whether your compass directs you towards Madaket, Surfside, or Sconset, there is a bike trail to suit every ability. You can rent a bike on the island or bring your own.

Book your private flight to Nantucket now with Mayo Aviation to have a great, safe and convenient flight traveling experience. Contact us today to arrange your travel.