6 Unique Perks of Private Flights vs. Commercial Flights

The Advantages of Private Flights Over Commercial Flights

Private flights are an all-around superior choice when it comes to getting from point A to point B. With a completely customizable experience at your fingertips, you’ll be able to plan a flight that is both enjoyable and stress-free. Here are six unique perks to flying on a private jet charter that you may not have even considered.

Travel When You Want

Commercial flights offer a select number of scheduled departure times for each destination. You may have to choose a time that’s very early or right, smack in the middle of the day if that’s all they offer. If you choose private flights on a charter jet, on the other hand, you’ll be able to choose a departure time that fits your schedule best. Maybe you’d like to leave early so you’ve got the whole day to work or you’d like to schedule around an important meeting. Your crew will work around your schedule so you can get to your destination at the best time.

Avoid Airport Stress

Nobody wants to stand in endless security lines or have their luggage taken to an unknown destination with the hope that it ends up under the right plane. Gone are the days of walking through security barefoot while your belongings travel down a conveyor belt in plastic bins for everyone to see. Private jets offer an enhanced, hassle-free experience. Simply drive right up to your private jet, hand off your luggage to the crew and watch as they store it under the plane for your flight. Show your ID to the pilot and step aboard.

More Destinations to Choose From

According to Conde Nest Traveler, only 3% of the country’s airports are accessible for commercial flights. The remaining 97% of airports in the nation, (about 14,500 of them) are available for private planes. That means your pilot can get you much closer to your intended destination, saving you time and money in car travel once you arrive.

Less Time in the Air

When you fly commercial, you’re at the mercy of the pilot and crew along with all the other passengers on board. Delays are frequent and connecting flights are a headache that nobody wants to endure. However, with private jet companies your pilot and crew are ready to take off when you say it’s time. There’s no need to wait on other passengers to find their seats or stow their carry-ons. You are in charge of the flight schedule and can even change plans mid-flight if needed. Your time is valuable and a private flight will allow you extra time to spend on what’s important in your life.

Personalized Experience

Private flights offer a personalized experience that you just can’t get on a commercial flight. Choose the food you want to enjoy ahead of time and create the experience you want to enjoy. Some passengers select entertainment or publications to enjoy or a specific fragrance to have in the cabin so they can relax. Other passengers may choose to utilize the in-flight Wi-Fi to continue a confidential business meeting during their flight.  When you charter a private plane, you can create a perfectly unique experience to enjoy while you travel to your destination.

Sweet Comfort

Commercial flights are uncomfortable and cramped, even if you choose business or first-class seating options. In a private plane, the cabin is arranged like a luxurious living room and you can move around freely or take a nap without worrying about other passengers nearby. In a private jet, your crew is happy to meet all of your needs and their focus is not divided among other passengers on board.

Flying in a chartered plane is an enjoyable experience that will bring you to your destination in a relaxed and rejuvenated state. At Mayo Aviation, we are focused on our passengers’ comfort and safety from the moment they board the plane. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our private jet charter services.